Frequently Asked Questions (Main Page)

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  1. I forgot my password?

    To reset your password click the 'Forgot Password' link on the login page. You will enter either your username or email address.  Once all information is entered a temporary password will be sent to you via email. The email should arrive in your inbox shortly after; however, it may take up to two hours to be delivered to your email inbox.  If you don’t receive the email please look in your junk/deleted folder.  If further assistance is needed, please email

  2. Why don't I have an applications tab?

    Application access is granted to users after they have been accepted as a user for the company by the Company Administrator. If you need your application access updated, please contact your company administrator.

  3. How do I add another company association to my profile?

    To add multiple locations to your eAuditNet profile go to Resources – Edit Profile – scroll down to the Other company associations section.  In the area provided, begin typing the first few letters of your company name – select the exact company name and address from the auto generated list – Select Add – the company location will then show as Pending Approval in your profile.  The Company Administrator will then be able to accept you as a user for the company and grant application access accordingly.  Please note you can only add other company associations once you have been approved for your main location.

  4. Where can I find a list of my Company Administrators?

    Company administrators for your main company association can be found by going to Resources – Edit Profile.  They are listed are directly below the Company Name.  If you are pending approval for any company (main or secondary), they will be listed on the Welcome Page.

  5. How do I get started with an industry managed program and find the associated costs?

    The Scheduling Department can answer any questions concerning the process of getting started with an industry managed audit.  Their information can be found on the Contact Us page. To find a general cost of an audit, you can complete a quote by going to the Welcome Page and selecting the Get Quote button.

  6. How do I find a list of my qualified Suppliers?

    A list of Nadcap approved suppliers can found using the Online QML (Qualified Manufacturer List).  The Online QML can be found in eAuditNet via going to Resources – Online QML.  Enter search criteria accordingly to generate more exact results. Please note that the Online QML does not supply copies of certifications for Suppliers; therefore, if you wish to obtain that information, you will need to contact the Supplier directly. 

  7. What type of Browser does eAuditNet support?

    eAuditNet supports and tests against Internet Explorer 11, and the latest version of Chrome and Firefox browsers.