Questions Frequently Asked by Auditors

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  1. I have added a new checklist to my audit but when I download to my Offline it is not appearing?

    If you have already downloaded your audit to the Offline Program and started entering information, please Upload (ONLY), your audit into eAuditNet. After you have upload your audit, go online to the Audit Checklist Completion application and select the Assign/Synchronize Checklist button. The screen will then refresh and the new checklist will appear in the Checklists section of the audit. You can then re-download the audit back to your offline program and all checklist will be present in the audit.

  2. What to do when you receive the below error messages after an attempt to upload an audit?

    The error message below indicates an attachment did not upload with the audit.  Each attachment that has failed to upload with the audit will be listed in the error message.  Please try uploading the audit again.  If the problem persists, please go online to eAuditNet and manually attach the file(s) in the necessary area of the checklist.

    Audit 123456 upload attempted 19-Sep-2011 9:26 PM File "Myfileforthisaudit.doc" failed to upload ... Technical Information: com.pri.offlineChecklistCompletion.exception.HttpInvokerException: File "Myfileforthisaudit.doc" failed to upload ... at com.pri.offlineChecklistCompletion.controller.AttachmentManager.handleUploadAttachmentFailure(

    The error message below indicates the system has timed out due to low or lost internet connection.  Please try uploading the audit again.  If the problem persists, please contact eAuditNet Support at for assistance.

    Audit 123456 upload attempted 15-Sep-2011 7:04 AM Technical Information: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.springframework.remoting.RemoteAccessException: Cannot access HTTP invoker remote service at [;jsessionid=089386BAC27AE32FF3E2F632F18AA3EE?APP_CODE=AUDIT_CHECKLIST_COMPLETION&ACCESS_LEVEL=AUDITOR_ACCESS]; nested exception is org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpException: Did not receive successful HTTP response: status code = 500, status message = [Read timed out]