Questions Frequently Asked by Auditees

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The eAuditNet Supplier tutorial can be viewed in eAuditNet via working through the steps below:
Go to Resources (locate in the top left corner of the screen after login) – Documents – Public Documents – eAuditNet – User Guides/Tutorials – Auditee/Supplier Guides – eAuditNet Supplier Tutorial
  1. How do I accept the agreement?

    To accept the agreement, go to Supplier Applications – Supplier Audits. In the Agreement Accepted column, select the link to Accept Agreement. Read through the agreement and select Accept to agree to the terms and conditions.  The signed agreement will be valid for all audits within your company.  Should the agreement be amended by PRI, a new agreement will need to be reviewed and signed accordingly.

  2. How do I designate ITAR / EAR?

    To designate ITAR/EAR, go to Supplier Applications – Supplier Audits. In the ITAR/EAR section, select the link to Specify. Read through the ITAR / EAR information.  Designate ITAR as either Yes or No.

  3. How do I change the audit contact?

    To edit an audit contact, go to – Supplier Applications – Supplier Audits – select the link to the audit number – in the top right corner of the screen, go to Actions – Edit Audit Contacts – select the link to Edit – click inside the completion box – a list of eligible contacts will be displayed – select the contact’s name from the list (to select more than one audit contact, select each user’s name from the list individually) – Select the Save button to add the user(s) as the audit contact.

  4. When can I access the Auditee Feedback Evaluation?

    This link is not available until the auditor submit the audit and the audit goes through the Export Control Review.  Once your audit is in the status of Auditee Review, the Auditee Feedback link will be available to complete.

  5. When can I view the Auditee Feedback?

    Staff are the only people that view this information.  The auditor is not able to see this nor is this feedback shared with them.

  6. What is the Audit Process Feedback?

    This is your opportunity to provide PRI with feedback on the entire audit process to help us improve the process.  This link is available once your audit has reached the certificate issued status.

  7. Where do I find the link to upload Self Audit Documents?

    To access the self-audit upload area of an audit, please work through the steps below:

    • Log into eAuditNet at
    • In the top left corner of the screen, go to Supplier Applications – Supplier Audits
    • Select the link to an audit number.  You will then be directed to the Audit Details page for that specific audit
    • On the Audit Details page, select the link to Self-Audit and Pre-Audit Documents to upload your documents.

  8. Who can open the Self Audit Documents?

    The auditors assigned to the audit and the Auditee only, can view the Self Audit documents. .